IPv6 /64 prefix

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    IPv6 /64 prefix

    Additional public IPv6 routed address prefix

    Assign one or more additional IPv6 address prefixes to your server(s).


    Included features


    Reverse DNS

    Our IPv6 addresses comes with the ability to change the reverse DNS (PTR) record of the IP addresses. You can also use our Auth DNS service for forward DNS.

    Move between servers

    The IP address assignment can be moved between your servers.

    Routed subnet

    The IPv6 /64 prefix is routed to your servers primary IPv6 address. Giving you full flexibility in how you control further assignments for your services such as VMs or Containerized applications.


    How many IPv6 addresses are in a /64?

     A 64 bit IPv6 subnet has a total of 18.446.744.073.709.551.616 addresses.

    Why would you need a whole IPv6 subnet?

    By routing an entire subnet to your server you can choose to configure only the IP addresses that you want to use, or break the subnet into smaller subnets for your Cloud, VM or container applications.

    The use of /64 as a minimum for route allocations also allows a more efficient utilization of network hardware resources thus improving latency for our customers.